Laptops Services

WebBridge US is offering a full service for all models Laptops and Netbooks. When you need your laptop fixed fast same day we are hire for you. We offer onsite Laptop or Desktop computer repairs, upgrades and troubleshooting. With highly trained and motivate technicians provide all services fast and accurately.



Laptop Motherboard Service - Repair or Replacement

Laptop motherboard repair needs expertise and experience and it is best left to the experts.

     Symptoms of motherboard problems:

     • No power
     • Power but no boot
     • Overheating
     • Random power off
     • No sound
     • No charge
     • Do not recognize hard drive, CD-ROM, keyboard, digital cards.
     • BIOS chip is blocked
     • No Wireless and no Ethernet (LAN)
     • Bad PCMCIA port, broken USB ports
     • Shut down/hang when moved
     • AC adapter turns off when plug in.
     • Has no video, although there is power
     • System hangs up or shuts down by itself
     • Laptop has been dropped, machine quits working.


Laptop Screen Service - Repair or Replacement

WebBridge US can provide replacement for damaged laptop screens. We provide best quality, brand new A+ replacement LCD/LED for all major Laptop Brands. If your laptop screen is broken, damaged or cracked during use or has dead pixels / lines or the picture sharpness is reduced and backlight is not working, don’t panic. We can provide you excellent quality replacement LCD/LED screen at very reasonable rate. You do not need to buy a new laptop if your screen is damaged as we can easily replace it for you.


Laptop Liquid Spill Service


If you spilled fluids of any kind into your laptop (water, wine, coffee, etc), please avoid further damage: do not turn the laptop power on just remove battery and power cable. Call us immediately!


Laptop - Virus Removal

About 80% of all computers out there are infected with some sort of virus or spyware, which causes all sorts of problems. Most of the problems are just annoying; popups, advertisements, slow downs, but some infections can cause serious problems to the operating system which may corrupt data or even crash the entire system. The biggest problem with virus and spyware infections they cause a serious security breach which exposes you to spying, identity theft, web tracking plus more. If you think your computer is infected, it is critical to stop using the computer and clean up any nasty malware immediately.


Laptop - Windows Problems

Whether you have got Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 we can help you to fix all kind of error causing problems with Windows or even preventing it from starting. Very often you get a Blue Screen Error or a quick blue flash and computer will restart, this often means a serious problem with the operating system. Most of the time we can identify the problem and repair it quickly without touching any of your files. We have years of experience and knowledge fixing problems with Windows Operating System, we fix many problems that other companies deemed unfixable. WebBridge US offers you to safe your personal data in need of new operating system. If you have some software problems WebBridge US can help you. We offer:
  Windows OS and Linux installation
  Tune up (optimization, defragmentation, cleaning)
  Malicious software removal (Virus/Spy-ware/ad-ware/malware/pop-up removal)


Laptop DC Power Jack Service - Repair or Replacement

Broken or damaged power jack is one of the common problems for laptops. It is important to pay attention because one burned, broken or loose socket can cause bigger problems to the laptop itself or burn your power supply. WebBridge US have most of the DC power jacks on stock.


Laptop Keyboard Service - Repair or Replacement

Keyboard has missing or stuck keys, liquid spill on the keyboard, some keys not work or your keyboard completely not work. Do not worry just bring you laptop to us and we will help you.


Laptop Hard Drive Service - Repair or Replacement

Hard drive faults especially if the laptop has been banged or dropped. The first you may notice is that Windows will not power up properly or there are frequent software crashes. Often errors can be corrected but it may be necessary to install a new drive and either copy data or reinstall the operation software.

WebBridge US offers Data Recovery as well.


Laptop Hardware and Softwae Upgrade Service

If your laptop is too slow or you want to make it faster and more powerful, we can help you. Components available for upgrade: Memory (DDR/DDR2/DDR3) CPU (Central processor unit ) Hard drive internal storage (IDE, SATA ) Optical drive replacement and upgrade (CD/RW, DVD+- R/RW, CD/RW-DVD, Super Drive) Microsoft OS (Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7) Linux


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