Apple Mac Services


WebBridge US provide Apple Mac services and IT support to consumers and businesses. Our Apple technicians are fully trained and highly skilled in using Apple Mac’s and Apple Software. A personal, professional, cost effective, service comes as standard. If you have a problem with your beloved Apple Mac then contact us today!

We offer following services:
Wide range of component level hardware repairs
Liquid damage
No video
Does not turn on
Apple Data Recovery
Apple software and hardware Maintenance
Apple operating system installations
Apple Upgrades


Apple Mac Software and Apple Hardware Installations

Have you just bought a Apple Mac computer for home or work?
     We can help you setup your Mac OSX, and configure your Apple Machine.

Apple Data Recovery

     Getting back your lost data in the right format is a moment to remember!
WebBridge US offer data recovery service for of Apple Macintosh computers. Data recovery is essential when precious data is lost due to a corrupted partition table, software faults, power failures, bad sector in the disk, catalog file corruption, master directory block, improper system shutdown, volume header corruption or some other problem. As soon as you see any symptom or message regarding possible data loss, contact us immediately. The longer you leave the machine making that dreaded clicking noise the chances for to lose your data becomes bigger.